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Spiritual Leaders Top Picks

by Lisa Hardwick

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READ BOOK Spiritual Leaders Top Picks


Inspirational stories of wisdom, encouragement, and healing shared by the VIP 2017 Spiritual Leader Top Picks honoring various perspective and pathways.
Charles Ferrell
An Opening
Halina Kurowska
Into the Woods
Carole Cassell 
Weighted Down
Tonia Browne
Planes and Trains
Mickey MacKaben
Express Yourself, My Artistic Journey
Rick Nichols
Returning Home
Patricia J. Crane
The Courage to Risk
Janet Brentzel
Katina Gillespie
Asking and Accepting Assistance
Sunny Dawn Johnston
Don't Let Your Weight Determine Your Value
Diane S. Christie
The Jetty
Dawn Michele Jackson
The Tree of Magic, Wisdom, and Love
Michelle Mullady
Unite With Serenity
Kim Richardson
A Journey to Loving Yourself
Tonya Thomas Dokman
Facing the Unknown to Finding the Love Within
Sandra J Filer
Thomas the Teaching Tom Cat
Brenda Fedorchuk
Stillness For The Sensitive Soul
Cheryl Guttenberg
My 6 Steps Back to Serenity
Barbara Simpson
Inner Rainbow
Charmaine Vautour
Silver Linings
Vicky Mitchell
A Battle For Accountability
Misty Proffitt-Thompson
Turning Judgments Into Light
Wendy Kitts
My Something Better
Angela Anderson
What? I Can Just Be Myself?
Donna Tobey
Ask And You Shall Receive
Antoinette Coleman-Kelly
Remember YOU Are A Limited Edition
Debbie Ledford
The Sacred Journey of Healing
Carolan Dickinson
The Magic of Healing With the Archangels
Jackie Rodgers
A Mindful Journey
Meera Iyengar
Act of Faith
Jenny Hogg Ashwell
SHINE! Your Light Matters in the World
Scott Ferreira
Discerning From Your Sacred Heart
Kelly Vicario
Kelly Ann Vass
Tina Palmer
My Past Does Not Define Me
Lindsley Silagi
Personal Essential Practices (PEP)
Julie Gale
Gifts from the Afterlife
Jennifer Ross
Tara Marie Jack
I Fit In
Catherine Madeira
Memory From Another Time and Place
Sharon Gambrill
Lessons Learnt!
Trish Bowie
Moving Beyond the Unknown
Jennifer Wadsworth
How To Have It All: 4 Step to Manifest Anything!
Merrill K. Stanton
Miracles Are All Around Us
April L. Dodd, M.A.
Spiritual Leaders
Valentina Galante
The Art of Noise
Lowell Owen Gillespie
Aubrey Rhoden
The Letter
Mimi Tran
Be the Best of You
Kalpana Parekh
Light The Way!
Amy Pazahanick
The Courageous Heart
Nicole Stevenson
Dear Abby
Jeri Tourand
Life is Beautiful Because I AM
Sumya Anani
A Chakra Circus
Beryl Huang
The Art of the Broken Heart
Dajon Ferrell
Clarity in the Creative Chaos
Angela Serna
Finding Peace in a World of Chaos




















Spiritual Leaders Top Picks Lisa Hardwick

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